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That’s right. We’ve been obsessed with flowers for more than two decades back when being able to send flowers online didn’t even exist, we decided to work directly with premium growers to deliver fresh flowers right to anyone’s doorstep.

Since then, we’ve been innovating how you send flowers to ensure that our flowers arrive fresh. It’s our job to worry, so you don’t have to when you send with Flowers, you get more bloom for your buck. We invest in all the types of flowers that people love to send, not just what’s available . But regardless of how great our flowers are, it doesn’t matter unless we’re sending the highest quality product.

That’s why we have a 7-point quality checklist to ensure ever single stem is as good as possible. We may not be able to brag about wrapping, but we can brag about sending your flowers to your friends and loved ones faster, fresher, and more beautiful than ever.  When you see our bright flowers at your door, you can be rest assured that someone was wanted to send the best flowers to you.

Flowers that were freshly cut at bud form and assembled by hand right there at the farm they were grown. We’re so committed to sending the right flowers that if you or your recipient isn’t satisfied, we’ll replace or refund your gift with no questions asked. At the end of the day, we know that you’re depending on us to deliver the flowers you want. So skip the line and send flowers today!